A Guide To Orthotic Insoles In Brisbane And A Few Tips On Wearing It

08.03.22 08:44 PM By Sara Baruch

They are also known as orthotics, insoles, footbeds, or inserts. Nobody has flawless feet, no matter what you name them. As a result, practically everyone can benefit from wearing an orthotic insole in Brisbane. On the other hand, orthotics may help some of us more than others. Continue reading to learn about the frequent indicators that you need orthotics and whether orthotics are a suitable match for you.


What Is Orthotics?

You may buy two types of foot supports to assist relieve discomfort or make you feel more comfortable.



Inserts can be purchased without a prescription in a shop. They are often constructed of gel, plastic, or foam and may be worn in your shoes to give additional cushioning and support. They are not custom-made for your feet, but they can assist ease discomfort or pressure around your heels, toes, or even your whole foot.



Orthotics are custom insoles in Brisbane used inside shoes to address foot disorders such as walking, standing, or running. They can also assist with diabetic foot discomfort, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, and arthritis. They can also aid in treating or preventing ailments like tendinitis, bunions, and neuromas.


How Will A Podiatrist Evaluate If I Require Orthotics?


The Following Are Five Indicators That You Require Orthotics:

  • You are on your feet for more than five hours every day.
  • Your shoes have seen better days.
  • Your foot has no arch or a high arch.
  • You are experiencing excruciating pain in your foot or heel.
  • You recently had a lower-limb injury.


Your podiatrist will most likely take 3D scans or X-rays of each foot during your session and do a comprehensive assessment. They may observe how your feet, ankles, legs, and hips move when walking, running, or standing. In addition, they will examine your feet, legs, hips, and back.


The podiatrist will create a custom mould of your foot if you require orthotics. When the mould is complete, it will be transformed into a pair of bespoke orthotics.


Types Of Orthotics 

Rigid" or "Functional" Orthotics — These are excellent for walking shoes or closed-toed dress shoes and are constructed of materials such as plastic or carbon fibre. These orthotics are intended to alleviate foot aches and pains and leg, thigh, and lower back pain.

"Soft" or "Accommodative" Orthotics — these orthotics, composed of soft compression materials, provide cushion to assist relieve pressure on painful or irritated places.


Tips For Wearing Orthotics

Whether you purchased orthotics from a store or had a pair custom created by a podiatrist, they should fit snugly in the soles of your shoes. It may take many days or weeks for your orthotics to feel natural, but they should not irritate or produce discomfort or strain on your foot.


If your shoes contain arch supports or other shoe enhancements, remove them before installing the orthotic. In most cases, orthotics and inserts can be worn directly over a flat shoe insert.


Although bespoke orthotics are more expensive than over-the-counter inserts, they are well worth the extra money. After assessing your foot condition, you will receive a custom-fit, high-quality insert that should last for several years. Some insurance companies may even pay for orthotics, so check your policy to see if you are covered.

You may clean your orthotics with warm water and mild soap. Allow them to thoroughly dry before re-wearing them. If they become wet, spread them out to dry on a level surface. Please put them in the dryer or under a hot device, such as a hairdryer. More precise care recommendations should be obtained from your podiatrist.


If you're unsure if you require orthotics, consult your primary care physician. They can advise you on whether orthotics are appropriate for you and, if so, send you to a podiatrist. If you are in severe discomfort, you should consult a podiatrist immediately.


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