Can Orthotic Insoles In Brisbane Help Lower Back Pain?

02.04.22 08:35 PM By Sara Baruch

Orthotic Insoles in Brisbane, Custom Insoles in Brisbane

Many people in Australia suffer from lower back pain and sciatica. Many doctors and health care providers suggest the use of orthotics to alleviate the pain. However, you might not properly know everything about these custom shoes. Therefore, you might think if these are really effective or not. These special footwears are actually highly effective in order to give the patient relief from back pain. These are custom-designed to cushion the heels, toes, and feet. It eases the discomfort caused by sciatica, poor body posture and an unbalanced gait. This post will give you an insight into how orthotic insoles in Brisbanecan prove to be helpful for you if you are suffering from sciatica or lower back pain. 

What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a symptom of any number of common lower back problems. People who suffer from sciatica feel the pain that originates in their lower back and runs down the back of the leg to the large sciatic nerve. Some of them feel numbness, weakness and tingling as well. It occurs when narrowing of the spine compresses a part of the nerve or a herniated disk bone spur on the spine. It might cause inflammation as well. Mild symptoms of sciatica go away over time; however, if the self-care measures fail, you need to see a doctor who might suggest custom orthotic shoes for reducing pain and inflammation.

What Is Lower Back Pain?

Just as the name suggests, any pain in the lower region of your back is lower back pain or LBP. You might have pain felt across the entire area of your lower back, or it can be felt in one specific side of your back. Any pain lasting more than three months is identified as Chronic LBP. If the pain begins after lifting any heavy object, then it is Acute LBP.

How Specialised Orthotic Shoes Can Help With Sciatica And LBP?

Custom insoles can be appropriate for many conditions, and these are no exceptions. These shoes and heel supports can provide relief and improve disability scores.

These Custom Shoes Can Minimise The Impacts On Joints

When you are using custom foot orthoses, it will immediately reduce the impact of the force on your joints while you walk. When the joints in your feet have limited ranges of movement, you feel the force emerging from your heel striking the ground being transferred through your leg and lower back. With the use of cushioning, you distribute the pain evenly. Therefore impact on the joints will be recused properly.

Your Foot Movement Will Be Adequately Controlled For The Betterment  

The customised orthoses efficiently control the movement of your feet that can be transferred up to the leg and lower back. When your legs are experiencing excessive movements, it is transferred into a rotational movement. It eventually leads up to knee pain or passes from the knee to the hips. Therefore, the use of custom-designed shoes can reduce this cascading effect.

At custom Feet, we will measure your unique factors correctly and design the shoes for you, so it helps your lower back pain or sciatica. Get in touch with us today to know more about custom insoles in Brisbane. Contact us today and book a free consultation. 

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