Physiotherapist Orthotic Supplier In Brisbane- When Do You Need Orthotics?

26.03.22 04:51 PM By Sara Baruch

Physiotherapist Orthotic Supplier in Brisbane, Orthotic Insoles in Brisbane

If you are suffering from foot swelling or pain, your doctor or physiotherapist might suggest you use orthotics. These are basically special shoes or heel inserts that are prescribed by doctors. Physiotherapist orthotic suppliers in Brisbane can make custom shoes for you that will provide you with proven results. They are a part of comprehensive treatment plans to address symptoms like the pain of feet and legs, discomfort while walking and so on. Orthotic treatments help in correcting foot deformities. They also help feet and ankles to function better by providing support. But how do you know when you need to buy these special heel pads or shoes? In this post, we will tell you about a few certain signs that will help you understand you need orthotics. 

When To Opt For Orthotics? Signs Are As Follows:

You Are Experiencing Continuous Sharp Heel Pain

Are you experiencing sharp heel pain first thing in the morning? Then it can be a sign of orthotics as well as plantar fasciitis. This common issue with the heels occurs due to the plantar facia's inflammation, which is the thick band of tissue running from the heel bone to the toes. When you are supporting the foot's arch, it absorbs shock. It might also occur when you spend a lot of time standing or wearing high heels. Tailor-made orthotics can provide heel cushioning and support to your foot's arch resulting in alleviation of the symptoms.

You Are Wearing Uneven Shoes

This one is very easy to identify. Take a glance at your shoes, and if you notice that you have been wearing uneven shoes for a long time, you need orthotic shoes or heel support. When a shoe sole is highly worn on the inside, it is a clear sign of pronation, while you can tell supination by checking if the wear is on the outer side of the sole. Also, when a shoe is more worn than the other, it is a sign of different leg lengths. These symptoms might cause joint pain and heel dysfunctions. Therefore, corrective footwear inserts would be a good choice.

Your Feet Have Diabetic Complications

Diabetes can cause Hammertoes, a medical condition where the toe is bent and weakens the muscles. Weakened muscles eventually make the tendons in your toe shorter, and your toe starts to curl under your foot. Orthotics are highly prescribed and used in treating diabetic foot complications. Therefore, even if you start noticing any slightest symptom, visit your doctor and opt for special shoes if required.

You Are Having An Injury In The Lower Limb

If you have had an injury in your lower limb, it might affect the way you walk. It is very important that you ensure your feet are provided with proper support. They need to be well aligned so they can move efficiently. Orthotics is highly beneficial in situations like this. These specialised support shoes can alleviate the chances of further injury and pain.

In Conclusion  

Orthotic Insoles in Brisbane is highly effective in correcting your gait. It also provides the foot arch support and distributes the pressure evenly across your foot. Therefore, when you use the support shoes or heel support, pain and swelling will eventually disappear. 

At Custom Feet, we can help you with custom orthotic insoles custom-made for you. We have different types of custom orthotic insoles available. So, call us now or visit our website to book a free consultation today. 

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